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About Us

Jelec has been providing support for power distribution and instrumentation systems since October 1996. Today, Jelec provides a wide range of products and services primarily for the oil and gas industry, both on and offshore.

Jelec is dedicated to providing the highest quality services. We have developed and implemented internal quality control programs to ensure total customer satisfaction, from design to implementation. Particular emphasis has been placed on documentation, training, and support.

Jelec pays strict and special attention to safety. As part of our overall quality management system, we promote outstanding safety practices and encourage all of our employees to take ownership and demonstrate a high accountability in promoting safety.

We are committed to delivering superior value for our customers through innovative solutions. We believe in leveraging proven technologies while pushing the envelope to deliver more reliable and cost-effective solutions.


At Jelec, we conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance. We are proud of Jelec's stature in the global business community and are wholly dedicated to maintaining exemplary standards in all that we do.

Design Philosophy

Jelec's design philosophy is based on the concept of open system architecture. All hardware and software components are selected from standard off-the-shelf products from major manufacturers. In addition, all components are selected for compatibility and reliability. By using non-proprietary, open architecture components, we can offer simple, reliable systems that compete favorably on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), operational maintainability, worldwide spares availability, and easily interface with other rig systems.

Customer Focus

For Jelec, customer satisfaction and loyalty are the true measure of quality. We work closely with our customers - drilling contractors, shipyards, operators and owners - to contribute to the advancement of modern instrumentation and control design. Our engineers will work with customers to turn their designs into reality.

Single Source Solution

To meet the growing demands for an ever increasing scope of supply, Jelec cooperates closely with external equipment suppliers and manufacturers to offer comprehensive solutions which can include everything from design and engineering to complete equipment packages, commissioning services, and operational support.

Passion For Innovation

At Jelec, innovation is much more than a priority, it's a core value. Our talented and experienced staff pushes technology and innovation as a means to provide superior service, solve challenging problems, and improve efficiency and reliability of our Customers' operations.
Innovation is our passion!

Competence & Project Execution

Jelec offers broad core competence spanning from drilling operations to electrical and instrumentation engineering and information technology. This wide range of expertise is essential to creating superior, integrated solutions. We have extensive experience with large and small projects. Our project involvement ranges from supplying Jelec equipment to complete engineering packages. For example, our land rig and platform rig. By taking full responsibility for the concept and integrating all functions, we avoid the problems that commonly occur when utilizing multiple contractors and equipment suppliers.

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Corporate Headquarters

Jelec USA Inc
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