Rig Design/Fabrication

Through our years of project involvement we have developed the in-house capability to provide our clients with a full range of engineering services. Jelec can provide the engineering expertise and resources required for your project, whether you are developing a complete engineering package for the design and fabrication of the latest generation land rig or just need assistance to upgrade an electrical installation.

Safety, reliability, effciency and economic sense are some of the most important factors in designing these systems. Strict adherence to applicable codes and standards as well as keeping the design simple and straight forward are key values that we maintain. To ensure that these values are upheld, we maintain an up-to-date software library to verify all the calculations and sizing studies.


Power and power management is a critical part of an efficient rig. We provide turn-key solutions for power and control systems. We deploy highly optimized systems with features such as blackout prevention, dynamic scaling and automatic load distribution. Our HMI solutions work in conjunction with the Power System to ensure that the Driller is fully informed at all times.

// TO DO DESCRIPTION – Automatic Power Management System (APMS)

// TO DO DESCRIPTION – Battery Energy Storage

Control & Automation

The Drilling Control System (DCS) is at the heart of your drilling rig and operations. At Jelec, we put a lot of effort and research into improving the operating environment for the driller, rig manager, company man, maintenance personnel and others.

We designed and developed the DCS in-house based on the latest research; resulting in advanced controls, instrumentation, automation, and optimizations. Our DCS will maximize safety, efficiency, and performance of your operations; allowing you to offer a more attractive package in a competitive environment. Our fully integrated control system provides safe operations, user friendly controls, and optimized efficiency of the equipment and drilling process.

Safety & Telecom

We are one of the leading integrators and suppliers of safety systems. Our Fire & Gas Detection system is based on is based on the enhanced SIL 2 Autronica fire control panel with a large 22″ color touchscreen monitor The integrated gas detection solution is based on either Autronica IFG or Siemens PLC-based system. Our system features advanced self-diagnostic – eliminating time-consuming testing, inspections, and maintenance. The Autrosafe fire detection system also features self-verifying technology, and performs routine tests of the detectors every 24 hours with a calibrated test and sensing element.