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Drilling Control System

The Drilling Control System (DCS) is at the heart of your drilling rig and operations. At Jelec, we put a lot of effort and research into improving the operating environment for the driller, rig manager, company man, maintenance personnel and others.

Key Features

Fully Customizable
  • Customized to your specific application and requirements
  • Interface with any 3rd party systems
  • Customized instrumentation and HMI
  • Instrumentation
    Remote Monitoring & Support
  • No need for special personnel on site for system maintenance
  • Gather data in the system for onsite or remote monitoring
  • Monitoring Support
    Condition Monitoring
    To support predictive and preventative maintenance, we offer condition monitoring on the different subsystems in the DCS.
    Non Proprietary Design
  • Off-the-shelf PLC (Siemens S7)
  • Standard network communication via Profibus & Profinet
  • Industry standard HMI development (Siemens WinCC)
  • We designed and developed the DCS in-house based on the latest research; resulting in advanced controls, instrumentation, automation, and optimizations. Our DCS will maximize safety, efficiency, and performance of your operations; allowing you to offer a more attractive package in a competitive environment. Our fully integrated control system provides safe operations, user friendly controls, and optimized efficiency of the equipment and drilling process.

    Cyber Chair

    Integrated Systems

    Top Drive Control
    Top Drive Control
  • Stick-slip prevention system
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Learn More
    Drawwork Control
  • AC or DC, single or multi motor driven
  • Kinetic energy monitoring system
  • Auto-drill
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Mud Pump Control
  • Interface with any vendor's mud pump
  • Mud pump synchronization
  • VFD driven downlink interface
  • Interlocks, lockouts, and E-stops
  • Choke Remote Control
    Choke Remote Control
  • Interface with third party choke systems and hydraulic consoles
  • Monitor multiple valves simultaneously
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    BOP Remote Control
    BOP Remote Control
  • Dedicated safety network
  • BOP stack status display
  • Quick & reliable BOP rams operation
  • Hazardous or safe area operation
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    Pipe Handling
    Pipe Handling
  • Pipe Racker
  • Automated tasks
  • Off line stand building
  • Rig floor equipment control
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    Drill Floor Equipment Control
  • Rotary Table
  • Iron Roughneck
  • Hydraulic Cathead
  • Power Slips
  • Learn More
    Zone Management System
  • Prevent personal injuries
  • Prevent damage to drilling equipment
  • Reduce downtime
  • Monitor machine performance
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    Drawwork Control

    We provide drawworks control (AC or DC, single or multi motor driven) for both new build and retrofit projects. We can provide you with assistance and guidance in specifying the key characteristics (e.g. drilling line, drum, motor HP) needed to maximize performance and optimize efficiency.

    Our standard off-the-shelf solution for the drawworks control consist of a single cubicle or line up for multi motor application located in either the power house or the local equipment room. This cubicle integrates the controller, auxiliary starters and inverter together. In addition, a remote IO panel mounted on the drawworks skid gather all the field signals, reducing the amount of wiring between the electrical house and drawworks skid. Our system can be customized to suit your specific requirements, e.g. distributed or centralized control topology, brand of equipment, OFE supplied SCR/VFD or not.

    Advanced Functions

    KEMS - Kinetic Energy Monitoring System - Regulates the acceleration and speed of the traveling block.
    Provides automatic control of the ROP, WOB, differential pressure and torque Learn More
    Crown & Floor Saver
    Ensures safe operation. Part of the anti-collision system generally included in the larger Zone Management System (ZMS) Learn More
    Condition Monitoring
  • Motor current
  • Motor vibration
  • In other instances, our system can also communicate with vendor specific proprietary control systems.

    Top Drive Control

    As part of our overall drilling control package, we offer a top drive control system. Similar to most of our subsystems in the drilling control package, this system has integrated power and control cubicles, locally mounted remote IO, and condition monitoring.

    The control system can be interfaced to the top drive actuators and sensor for direct control of the machine. In other instances, our drilling instrumentation can also communicate with vendor specific proprietary control systems.

    Top Drive Control

    The top drive control system also exchanges control data with the mud pumps and drawworks in order to ensure safety during drilling operations.

    Looking to optimize ROP & WOB? click here

    Mud Pump Control

    Our mud pump control system is part of the overall drilling control package. Similar to most of our subsystems in the drilling control package, this system has integrated power and control cubicles, locally mounted remote IO, and condition monitoring.

    Our in-house software ensures optimized performance and efficient operation, and offers advanced functions such as mud pump synchronization and VFD driven downlink interface.

    Standard interlocks, lockouts and hardwired E-stops provides a uniform and safe operating platform.

    KPI / Reporting

    Our control system tracks the current status of the rig (e.g. drilling, tripping) and any events (e.g. on/ off slips). From this data, the system reports Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as time to make a connection. The system allows you to identify the areas of concern (e.g. compare crew performance). While the concept is nothing unusual, the automatic generation of KPIs directly from the control system simplifes the operational duties typically manually calculated

    Drill Floor Equipment Control

    Rotary Table Control

    Our DCS provides control of both hydraulics and electrical driven rotary tables. A full instrumentation package is supplied with all of our rotary table setups. For reduction of cost and footprint, a switch over with the top drive VFD can be used instead of a dedicated VFD.

    Iron Roughneck Remote Control

    Iron roughneck controls are fully integrated in our driller’s chair, and does not require the presence of an additional panel (unless specified) for their operation. We have included automation of the making-up and breaking-out operations to reduce the amount of time spent on these repetitive tasks. Torque selection charts are built in to the software providing the driller guidance when selecting the make-up and break-out torque.

    Hydraulic Cathead Remote Control

    The driller can enter the make-up and break-out torque for the hydraulic cathead from the driller’s chair. Torque selection charts are built in to the software providing the driller guidance when selecting the make-up and break-out torque.

    Power Slips Remote Control

    The power slips can be operated from the driller’s chair. Diagnostics information is provided for safe operation and maintenance of the equipment.

    BOP Remote Control

    The BOP remote control system consists of a monitoring and control panel with graphical interface indicating the BOP stack status among other relevant parameters. The panel can be rated to operate in hazardous area such as on the drill floor, or in a safe area such as a control room or office.

    The remote control panel communicates with the BOP main control system over a dedicated safety network. From this control panel you can operate the BOP rams as quickly and reliably as possible.

    Choke Remote Control

    The choke valve remote control system consists of a monitoring and control panel with graphical interface indicating the choke valve position. Up to 2 valves are shown on the display among other relevant parameters.

    The panel can interface with third party remote controlled choke systems and conventional hydraulic consoles as well. In this later case, we provide the expertise and engineering services to perform the necessary modification on the console.

    Choke Remote Control

    Zone Management System (ZMS)

    This is a software addition to our drilling control system designed to prevent collision of the travelling block with other equipment on the drill floor. This critical feature helps to preventing damage to the drilling equipment and personal injuries. The system uses position sensors to prevent collisions between pieces of equipment operating on the drill floor, and has diagnostic tools to monitor machine performance, reduce downtime and implement proactive maintenance.

    The ZMS is configured to alert and send stop and interlock signals to the drawworks control system, when the travelling block is approaching the mast top or bottom limits (crown and floor saver), or any intermediate limit.

    The system takes into account the relative position or configuration of some of the equipment on the drill floor, such as:

    • Top drive (elevator links)
    • Pipe racking system
    • Iron roughneck

    Drilling & Mud Logging
    Drilling & Mud Logging


    We fnd that a key element to process efficiently comes from the accuracy of the data obtained while monitoring the process. Our drilling instrumentation plays a most crucial role as even the most sophisticated control or automation systems will not perform well without reliable and accurate data.

    Large HMI screens in the driller's cabin and in the office area display drilling data in real time and recording essential parameters. The drilling instrumentation display (DID) is our computer based drilling instrumentation system that is fully customizable and can be adapted to your specific needs. The instrumentation is completed by electronic sensors on the drill floor and across the rig, all monitoring the drilling parameters as operation requires. We also provide a conventional hydraulic instrumentation for hook load indication, pump pressure or make up torque, with hydraulic gauges integrated into the driller's console.

    Key Features

    Customizable Screens
    Customizable Screens
    • Colors
    • Scales
    • Gauge Size
    • Parameters
    • Custom requests
    Trending Data
    Trending Data
    • Stored locally
    • Export capabilities
    Advanced Drilling Parameters
  • True hookload & WOB
  • Torque & drag
  • Pick up / slack off weight
  • Free rotating torque and weight
  • Residual cuttings / Depth of cut
  • Equivalent Circulating Density
  • Total Gas
  • Advanced Drilling Functions
  • Sensor Validation (Cross Checking)
  • Early Kick Detection
  • Washout Detection
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Track rig status
  • Identify areas of improvements
  • Improve efficiency
  • Automatic reporting
  • Contact us for any customization to accommodate your preferences for a more efficient, systematic and reliable monitoring of key drilling parameters.

    Mud Total Gas Analyzer

    Jelec offers a next generation laser gas analyzer that measures hydrocarbon gases (C1-C5) and total gas in response time as short as 10 seconds. The system requires no consumables, minimal rig site installation labor, and little maintenance, allowing for signifcant cost savings over traditional gas chromatograph or gas spectrometer technology. Speed of response also exceeds traditional gas sensing methods and allows fast continuous measurement.

    Features and Benefits

    • Accurate detection of C1 - C5 with Total Gas
    • Permanent calibration, requires no carrier gases
    • Fast response time of 10 seconds
    • A truly continuous real time measurement
    • No consumables. Lower cost of ownership
    • Small footprint
    • Wireless and Hazardous area Zone 2 option available
    • Compatible with Jelec systems for display with WITS/ WITSML output
    • Easy installation and rig up
    Drilling Automation

    Automation is a key enabler towards higher operation efficiency and drilling optimization. A large section of our research and development at Jelec is focused around automation. Each task we can safely automate allows the driller to focus more on the real task at hand: drilling the well. Automated drill floor or drilling processes usually require a single manufacturer package. Our DCS offers a fully integrated automation package for different brands of equipment according to your preferences. We designed a user friendly HMI to display meaningful alarms and status enabling the driller to easily track the progress of the automation system.

    Key automation tasks included in our DCS are:

    • Drilling Modes: WOB, ROP, Pressure
    • Connections: Make/break connections at a specified torque
    • Tripping: Trip in and out of the hole
    • Friction Tests: Measure torque and drag for each connection
    • Downlinking: Test downhole tools at specified intervals
    • Reciprocation: Efficiently clean cuttings from the hole

    Optimized Drilling Control

    The drilling control system features several advanced function designed to improve the drilling process as well as minimizing the time for tripping operations.

    ROP Optimization:


    The automatic drilling function maintains drilling parameter within strict tolerance bands as well as providing smooth control of the drilling equipment

    Mud Pump Synchronization

    The mud pump pressure is optimized by synchronizing the pump stroke in order to eliminate high pressure peak. Has an effect on maintenance cost as well.

    Mud Pump
    Stick-slip Prevention System (SSPS)

    Improving ROP and wear-and-tear by preventing stick-slip phenomenon.

    Directional Drilling Optimizer System

    Improving ROP and wear-and-tear by reducing friction on the drillstring and controlling tool face orientation.

    Tripping Optimization:

    Anti-Collision System

    Crown & floor anti-collision system as well as the Zone Management System (ZMS) are also playing an active part in the optimization of tripping operation.

    Acceleration Limits

    The control system features a traveling block speed and position control functionality providing controlled acceleration / deceleration at the maximum possible speed.

    As part of an integrated system, semi-automatic control of the equipment can be implemented depending on the rig configuration.

    For instance:

    • Automatic pipe tripping and racking
    • Automatic power slip control
    • Making and breaking connections
    • Mud pump automatic control
    Driller's Cabin
    Driller's Cabin

    In collaboration with customers, Jelec designs and provides custom-ft Driller’s Cabin for safe and hazardous areas. Our Driller's Cabins typically contain the following control, monitoring, and communication equipment:

    • Driller’s Cyber Chair
    • Assistant Driller’s Chair
    • Drilling Control (Dwks, Top Drive, Mud Pumps...)
    • Drilling & Mud Logging Instrumentation
    • Rig Floor Equipment Remote Control (Hyd. Cathead, Iron Roughneck, Power Slips...)
    • BOP Control Panel
    • Choke Control Panel
    • Integrated CCTV System
    • Gas Detection System
    • Communication Equipment (Telephone, Talkback, PAGA...)