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Pipe Handling Equipment
Pipe Handling Equipment

Bridge / Pipe Racker

Our bridge/pipe racker is based on an electrical design that allows more accurate control, independent of environmental conditions. The overall design is safer and cleaner than its hydraulic counterpart. The system is available stand-alone or as part of a Jelec turn-key land rig solution.

The pipe racker is capable of manual or fully automated operations from the driller's cabin. The system is capable of complete retrieval/storage of a drill pipe stand by the time the top drive has made a cycle during the tripping operations.

A conversion to a hydraulic design is also available by request.

Racking In


We design our own control latches for the racking board fingers in-house to guarantee full retention of the pipes. The racking board fingers are fully instrumented by redundant sensors, preventing any collision between the latches and pipes being gripped by the pipe handler. The racking board includes a fingerboard management system monitoring the pipe storage with a link the pipe tally system.

Operator Stations

We offer a range of operator control stations to meet your operating procedures and requirements.

Iron roughneck controls are fully integrated in our driller’s chair, and does not require the presence of an additional panel (unless specified) for their operation. We have included automation of the making-up and breaking-out operations to reduce the amount of time spent on these repetitive tasks. Torque selection charts are built in to the software providing the driller guidance when selecting the make-up and break-out torque.

The power slips can be operated from the driller’s chair. Diagnostics information is provided for safe operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Cyber Chair
Cyber Chair
  • State-of-the-art operating environment
  • Dedicated equipment screens
  • Fully integrated: equipment status, CCTV, talkback, telephone
  • Fully adjustable
  • Stand Up Console
    Stand Up Console
  • Smaller footprint
  • Dedicated equipment screens
  • Set of manual controls
  • Integrated with: equipment status, CCTV, telephone
  • Wireless Unit
  • Operate from anywhere
  • Manual joystick control
  • Monitoring screens
  • Automatic controls
  • Local
  • Hydraulic levers
  • VFD keypads
  • For local equipment testing
  • * Not intended for control *
  • Pipe Handling Automation
    Pipe Handling Automation
    Pipe Racking
    • Rack in / out
    • Specify pickup / storage location
    • Built-in safety measures
    • Fingerboard management
    Off Line Stand Building
    • Make up / break out stands
    • Built-in safety measures
    • Pipe tally integration
    Pipe Transfer
    Transfer from the pipe deck to the drill floor is handled automatically.
    Pipe Tally
    • Track pipe from deck to inside the hole
    • Log pipe data (i.e. length, weight, running hours, torque records)
    • Easily manage drill pipe inventory and assets

    A manual mode is present in the system, although it is not the preferred means of control, it allows full control of the equipment. The manual mode can be constrained (with zone management active) or unconstrained, leaving full capability of travel to the equipment. To be noted that in this mode, the acceleration and deceleration ramps as well as speed limits are adapted to the reaction time of an operator. One feature that cannot be turned off is the anti-collision system preventing operation of multiple equipment in the same zone at the same time.