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Power Generation
Power Generation

Generator House

Our generator house/skid is designed to handle both lifting from four points and tail boarding onto a trailer bed. The house/skid base is also designed with a built in spill catch can which drains towards the radiator end of the house/skid.

Removable arched type roofs manufactured using 10 gage steel sheet and L 6 x 3,5 x 0,375 for the perimeter to help with water run-off. Two (2) channel running the length of the roof to prevent rain water from failing between generator skids and help keep interior dry.

A deflector diverts the radiators forced air upwards to reduce ground level noise (<85db @ 3 ft) and reduce the blowing of dust and other particles. The engine exhausts penetrate through the roof and the muffler is mounted to the top of the roof and exhaust is diverted upward by the radiator forced air.

Piping for air and fuel are built into the skids with interconnections that include valves, hoses, and unions to make rig-up easy. Cable trays will be installed overhead for running cabling and electrical connections are a simple plug and play. Cold start, air compressor and air receivers are also housed in the skids.

The cabling in the building will be supported by cable trays above the equipment. All equipment that is supported by the floor of the building will be either welded or bolted to the floor.

Generator House Generator House

Generator Control

We manufacture and supply both standard, and fully customized generator control panels. Our panels are highly modular, easy to operate, maintain, and install. We manufacture these panels in accordance with the industry standards.

To protect the generator engine, our control panel monitors critical engine functions such as: Oil pressure, coolant temperature, voltage, current, frequency, power factor, and power flow. If necessary the control panel will shut down the engine to protect it from harm. A built-in display shows all the generator's control parameters.

Key features of our system:

  • Digital load sharing controller
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • Speed governor
  • Generator protection
  • Soft load shedding transfer
  • Tuning for drilling rig application

Contact us to have a generator control panel custom designed.

Power Management

The drilling control system consists of hardware and software components operating stand alone or integrated to a rig larger control system.

Power management is an integral part of the system, from simple monitoring of the generator's parameters on your rig, to automatic and selective load sheding.

During drilling operation, in case of a need for additional power that can threaten the generator system, the power management system is capable of automatically reducing the mud pump speed or drawwork speed in order to prevent a black out

Engine alarms are also displayed on the HMI system.

Power Distribution
Power Distribution

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Precisely designed and developed, our range of Variable Frequency Drive Systems have the latest technology, high performance, and a user friendly concept. Utilize our experience to provide you with the best drive for your application.

The drives are compatible with virtually all types of AC motors, automation system, and industry requirement. The drives are designed to simplify operation, optimize energy efficiency and maximize output. The drive system can be engineered with common DC busbar designs for the most cost-efficient and functional system structure.

VFD with JAM VFD with JAM

Power Control Room (PCR)

Our custom designed PCR solution houses generator controls, motor control center (MCC), distribution panels, switch gear, transformers, drives, automation panel, and air condition. The PCR is designed to be rugged and reliable while delivering the flexibility for portable operation. The PCR is mounted on a skid (steel base without an enclosure) for efficient integration and transportation from one location to another.

Power Control Room (PCR) Power Control Room (PCR)

Local Electrical Room (LER)

We provide superior, fit for purpose designs to deliver a consolidated a wide range of integrated local equipment rooms hosting motor control center (MCC), switch gear, drives, distribution panel, control system equipment, automation panel, and air condition. Our LERs are designed to be rugged and reliable while delivering the flexibility for portable operation. It is mounted on a skid (steel base without an enclosure) for efficient integration and transportation from one location to another.


Remote Distribution Panels

Our affordable and practical solutions are engineered and designed to accommodate power distribution, motor control center, and automation control in a highly compact footprint.

Remote Distribution Panel