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Unified Communication System

Our unified communication package is tailor-made for land rig applications. This package has been designed for simplicity of operation and reduced equipment footprint. Based on our experience with communication systems for drilling rigs, we are able to determine the appropriate devices for your requirements, and the best location for installing each device to ensure optimal coverage.

Unified Communication System

Our off-the-shelf communication solution is modular and may include the following equipment:

  • Rig side and rig camp telephones
  • Wireless phones
  • Audible and visual alarm station assemblies
  • Driller/Drill Floor/Racking Board intercom stations
  • Rig Camp computer network
  • Outbound Call Interface (Satellite/LTE)
  • Rig alarms over text messages
  • User specified rig alarm tones
  • Hands free accessories
  • Integration with customer supplied/specified equipment (e.g., the driller's chair)


We offer both complete digital phone systems, and upgrades to existing systems (analog or digital).

Our telephone system is built around a state-of-the-art Private Branch Exchange (PBX) - A key feature of the system is full customization for routing of calls. We use a robust and redundant network to tie it all together for uninterrupted and reliable communication. We include high-quality phones ready to deploy for indoor, outdoor (weatherproof) and hazardous areas.

The system is designed to pair with a digital service provider of your choice using a T1/E1 carrier, but retaining the flexibility to easily switch analog (POTS) lines as well to provide maximum compatibility.

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor (weatherproof)
  • Hazardous areas

Wireless Telephone

We offer a Wireless Phone System rated for hazardous areas. Our system allows key personnel to move in and out of hazardous areas while staying connected and available. The system can be added seamlessly to our standard telephone system or to your existing PBX.

The system consists of a set of rugged handsets with dedicated chargers and ample battery life, and a set of wireless base stations. We install the base stations around your facility - to create a wireless network with optimal coverage. Extra handsets and base stations can be added at anytime.

Integrated Emergency Response
Integrated Emergency Response
  • Receive alarms and warnings
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Public Address & General Alarm

Jelec Public Address General Alarm System (PAGA) is a reliable high-fidelity emergency communcation and alarm system. We use Bosch Praesideo electronics and a high-speed independent fiber-optic network - yielding a crystal-clear sound. Built-in redundancy and automatic amplifier switching guarantees continuity and constant availability

Our PAGA system is fully supervised. The system monitors the integrity of microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, and controls.

The system can be remotely configured, and remotely used (for calls, monitoring. and logging.)

  • Hazardous areas

Our amplifiers are class D amplifiers with a high efficiency rating (97%). Additionally, we offer a number of different power amplifier options, e.g., 8x60 watt, 4 x 125 watt, 2 x 25- watt, and 1 x 500 watt amplifiers.

Features and benefits:

  • High quality sound
  • Simple web interface
  • Easy configuration
  • Remote access via network
  • ABS and DNV compliant
  • Certified by TUV


Our Talkback system is typically used when clear and direct comunication is critical for a given task. The system is based around a central exchange unit with a number of connected call stations.

For outgoing calls, our call stations can easily be operated while wearing gloves, and for receiving calls they are hands-free. Stations come in a variety of styles for indoor, weather proof and Ex Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Our system can be integrated with telephone systems, PAGA systems, and radio systems.

Call Stations
Call Stations
  • Weatherproof
  • Explosion proof
  • Desktop stations

IP, Analog, & Hybrid Systems

We offer complete CCTV systems, and we can provide upgrades for existing systems (IP, analog or hybrid). For new systems, we use a high-speed independent fiber-optic network - eliminating long composite cable runs and making the system easily expandable. Our JCAM CCTV software is developed fully in-house, so we are able to offer custom software solutions designed specifically for your needs.

We specialize in systems for hazardous areas.

  • PTZ or fixed
  • Weather proof, zone 1 and 2
  • HD - 1080P
  • ONVIF, VAPIX and analog protocols
Monitor Enclosures
Monitor Enclosures
  • Hazardous locations
  • Weather proof, zone 1 and 2
  • Wall mount or panel mount
  • Camera controls (PTZ)
  • Purge system controls


JCAM is a touch friendly, and easy to use software package included with our CCTV system. View, record and control both IP and analog cameras. Easily discover and configure cameras on your network. JCAM supports PTZ via ONVIF, VAPIX, and custom analog protocols. A key feature of the system is the ability to take exclusive control of a camera - preventing interruptions from other users.

Our software is developed fully in-house, so we are able to offer custom software solutions designed specifically for your needs.

Key Features:

  • Custom views per user
  • Exclusive control - limit PTZ to a specific user
  • Recordings
  • Touchscreen friendly


Additional resources available for download.

JCAM Manual
JCAM Manual
JCAM 7.2 manual
Manual - PDF - 2019-03-22 - 2.83 MB - View - Download
Entertainment System

TV Distribution

We offer a TV distribution and video on demand system. Our system is based on a cost-effective and reliable high speed network to ensure high quality and availability. Satellite receiver audio and video feeds are made available where required (throughout accommodations and elsewhere) via our network.

Optionally, our TV distribution system can be integrated with our CCTV System. Allowing you to view the CCTV video feeds on specified TV sets.

Network Solutions

We provide secure and reliable high-speed network solutions to help you meet current and future challenges. Our solutions are capable of meeting the increasing demands for Big Data in the Oil&Gas industry. We provide the network infrastructure with the needed security, stability, and bandwidth. Let our experienced team install and engineer the network you need.

Network Cables